Dalea is one of contemporary music’s most gifted talents, who poseses an exotic, Angelina Jolie-esque beauty and extraordinary, sultry range, to find her rightful place in the exclusive hierarchy of Rock and Roll.
— SandraCastilo, RGMagazine U.S.A. Link: https://goo.gl/RTPRWO

Dalea has a delicious mix of electro and synth pop with a very chic, futuristic, sci-fi vibe. She also has one of the most unique voices I’ve ever heard. Imagine Placebo’s Brian Molko’s voice spliced with that of Grace Jones. You can’t get more original than that!
— Michael McCarthy - Love is Pop  Link:http://goo.gl/WWiDFk

Dalea's voice reminds me of deep, warm, melted chocolate! Absolutely delicious and leaves me with this - I want more - feeling. 

— Nancy Hamilton - Film Director/Producer,
Jesus - The Desire Of Ages feature film.
2014 REMI Award Winner
Featuring Dalea's voice

Dalea's is unlike any known female rock vocalist out there, unique amongst all. Daléa'salto - contra alto range helps set her music in a class of its very own. Simply put, superb all around!
— Miguel Ramirez, Mundo Rock Radio and Webzine. (Chile)

Dalea’s sultry femme vocals combined with cellos,operatic choirs, atmospheric keyboards, concerto percussion and the fluid contemporary work of composer  Patrick Rundblad, strive for the highest standards in both songwriting  and musicianship. 
— Dan Siva, Battle Helm Magazine. USA 

Musicianship that hooks you in! 
— Kevin Trotter, The Beat Surrender. (UK) 

Unique and breathtaking!  

— SIDE-LINE Magazine. Belgium

Dalea’s voice is like no other I have ever heard, at once, captivating. — Dana Wright, Music Critic. Muzicreviews.com. U.S.A. 

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